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Charm EHR – Top Features, Pricing, Reviews 2022

Charm is a growing healthcare software company that provides clinicians with a patient record, communication tools, and analytics to optimize care. Charm EHR is their flagship product, and it has quickly become one of the most popular choices among clinicians. In this blog post, we will take a look at Charm EHR and its top features, pricing, and reviews. We will also give you our opinion on whether or not it’s the right choice for your clinic.

What is Charm EHR?

Charm is a cloud-based patient record and health information management system. The system includes a variety of features to help clinicians manage patients’ care, including patient notes, medication lists, lab results, and more. Charm EHR is available as a subscription service with monthly or annual plans. Pricing ranges from $7 per user per month to $100 per user per month. Charm EHR has received positive reviews from clinicians and patients alike.

What are the top features of Charm EHR?

Charm EHR is a cloud-based health record system that offers a variety of features and pricing options. Some of the top features of Charm EHR include:

-The ability to track your health data in one place
-The ability to share your health data with other doctors and patients
-The ability to keep all of your records organized and searchable
-The ability to store medical images and videos

Some of the pricing options for Charm EHR include:

-Monthly subscription ($19.99/month)
-Annual subscription ($149.99/year)
-Semi-annual subscription (+$24.99/month)

How much does Charm EHR cost?

Charm Health System is a comprehensive EHR that offers users a variety of features and pricing options. Charm Health System offers a free 14-day trial, after which the price ranges from $99 per month to $4,999 per year. The company also offers discounted rates for hospitals and health systems.

Charm Health System’s features include:
– Electronic health records: Charm Health System integrates with most major EHRs, allowing you to access your records from any device.
– Patient portal: The patient portal lets you view your medical history, medications, and lab results in one place.
– Clinical tracking tools: You can use clinical tracking tools to keep track of your patients’ progress over time.
– Integration with social media: You can connect your patient portal to your social media accounts to share information with your patients and followers.
– Customizable reports: You can create custom reports to get detailed information about your patients’ health trends.
– HIPAA compliant: Charm Health system is compliant with the HITECH Act’s privacy requirements.

What are the reviews of Charm EHR?

Charm EHR is a popular healthcare software program that is used by many health care organizations. The reviews of Charm EHR are positive overall, with people saying that it has features that are helpful and easy to use. One common complaint about Charm EHR is that it can be expensive to use, but this is likely to vary depending on the organization’s needs and budget. Overall, Charm EHR appears to be a popular choice for healthcare organizations looking for an electronic health record system.


Charm EHR is a user-friendly, cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) that provides many benefits for both patients and providers, including:

1. Enhanced communication and collaboration between patients and providers.

2. Improved patient safety by enabling real-time communication between doctors and nurses.

3. Reduced paperwork associated with medical records.

4. Increased efficiency through streamlined recordkeeping.

5. Improved access to health information for patients and their families.


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